Organization - PBMC

Facing the interference of human actions on the environment which reached a global scale and unprecedented magnitude, affecting the natural functioning of the climate system the policy makers and society in general need objective information about the causes of climate change, its environmental impacts and socioeconomic and possible solutions.

Based on it, the Brazilian Panel on Climate Change (PBMC, in Portuguese) was established in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) model. The role of PBMC is to gather, synthesize and evaluate scientific information on the relevant aspects of climate change in Brazil.

The PBMC will provide technical and scientific information on climate change from an integrated assessment of technical and scientific knowledge produced in Brazil or abroad, on the causes, effects and projections related to climate change and its impacts, whit relevancy for the country.
Information will be presented through the development and regular publication of National Assessment Reports, Technical Reports, Summary for Policy Makers on Climate Change and special reports on specific topics.

The Brazilian Panel on Climate Change will be able to support international cooperation among developing countries, through the dissemination of the own national experience, sharing methods, results and knowledge in order to help countries to strengthen their national capacities to respond to climate change.

The Panel consists of the following structure: Steering Committee, Scientific Committee, Executive Secretariat, Working Groups (Working Group 1, 2 and 3), Task Force on Methodology for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Technical Support Units.


    • Steering Committee

    • Scientific Committee

    • Executive Secretariat

    • Working Group 1
      The Scientific Basis of Climate Change
    • Working Group 2
      Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
    • Working Group 3
      Mitigation of Climate Change
    • Task Force
      Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
    • TSU 1
    • TSU 2
    • TSU 3
    • TSU 4
    • Lead Authors, Contributing Authors and Reviewers