Climate Change Needs Behavior Change

Climate change needs behavior change.What people eat, what they buy and what they use contributes directly to climate change. In just eight months, humans consume what the earth can sustainably produce in a single year. Nearly two-thirds of global emissions are linked to both direct and indirect forms of human consumption – even conservative estimates for the potential of changing behaviors to reduce consumption of natural resources suggest an enormous contribution to reducing global emissions.

Human behavior is the root cause of climate change. It can also be the solution.But we know that people are more complicated than the narrow solutions we often design to influence them. We can use what we know about human behavior and decision-making to help consumers make climate-friendly choices.

Changing behavior can be hard – but it’s not impossible. Innovators all over the world are already addressing climate change by inspiring individuals, households and communities to change their behavior. The problem is, these grassroots solutions often go unnoticed. This is why we are launching Solution Search: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change – a worldwide contest to find and spotlight solutions that use behavior change to fight climate change.

To inspire people to change, we need innovative solutions that meet them where they are – using the power of emotional appeals, social incentives and choice architecture as expertly as we apply economics and policy.