Role of Bio-based Building Materials in Climate Change Mitigation

  • Versão: 30.12.20

This report presents the potential role of bio-based building materials as a mitigation strategy for climate change. The literature survey carried out pointed out that wood and bamboo products, green roofs and façades, earth and cementitious materials reinforced with bio-based fibers and aggregates and bio-SCM (supplementary cement material) are the main technically feasible products for replacing conventional construction materials and products. It was observed that the bio-based materials can act not only to reduce embodied carbon and energy but also to provide better thermal condition with less energy consumption at operational stage to the buildings, which can also be considered adaptation strategies. Although in some countries this kind of materials are already in use, more research is still needed, mainly related with its durability aspects, in order to be possible to predict the long term performance of these materials, products and buildings. In addition, standardization and industrial processes need to be developed to allow the expansion of bio-based materials in new applications.